May 30, 2024
Stephen Gauci Baluci, Managing Director of CC Fund Services (CCFS) was invited to join a panel at an event hosted in Milan by Ganado Advocates in collaboration with the Maltese Embassy in Italy focusing on regulatory developments in the Maltese financial services industry. 
The panel discussion focused on service standards in Malta, with insights from industry experts involved in the Italian funds market, together with representatives from the Maltese regulator, MFSA. 
Stephen had the chance to discuss Malta's favourable business environment, characterized by an accessible authority and a robust regulatory framework, alongside high professionalism, swift time-to-market, and competitive costs. This reaffirms Malta's appeal, particularly for small to medium-sized asset managers from Italy.
Malta’s Ambassador to Italy, H.E. Carmel Vassallo, underscored Malta’s varied sectors, advantageous business environment, and its extensive evolution into a dependable financial services hub, all the while acknowledging Italy’s contribution to Malta’s economic advancement.
This event also provided a platform to explain in further detail the various structures available for Italian asset managers, with particular attention on the new Notified Professional Investment Fund (NPIF)  and the proposed Limited Partners Funds (LP).