November 15, 2022
CC Fund Services has recently appointed Stephen Gauci Baluci as Managing Director and Steven Grech as Executive Director of the company.
Stephen Gauci Baluci is a warranted accountant and auditor and is a seasoned professional having over fifteen years of experience in the funds industry, specialising in fund accounting and valuation, transfer agency, and all other ancillary services which surround the Fund Administration core business including anti-money laundering, corporate services and compliance amongst others.  Stephen previously held the role of Head of the CC Fund Services for 6 years and was responsible in setting the strategy of the company: he started his career by working in the fund services division of a major Maltese bank and also with one of the big four audit firms where he held a number of senior posts in Malta and abroad, where he was responsible to lead multi-disciplinary teams with the task of auditing hedge funds in New York and the Channel Islands.
Steven Grech who is also an Accountant, has over 13 years of experience in the funds industry specialising in Fund Accounting and Transfer Agency, including anti-money laundering having previously being appointed as the MLRO and Compliance Officer of CC Fund Services and a number of Schemes administered by CC Funds Services for numerous years.  Steven also held the position of Operations Manager and eventually promoted to Head of Operations of all divisions constituting CC Fund Services Ltd: Steven joined the company in 2012 and has been an integral part of the company focusing mainly on optimising the processes of CCFS.

Thanks to their acute understanding and appreciation for the fund services industry, their joint effort and expertise has led to consistent company growth.