February 21, 2023

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has recently published a strategic statement, outlining the main objectives that will contribute towards securing Malta’s future as a resilient and efficient financial services jurisdiction. This statement sets out the Authority’s long-term objectives and more immediate strategic priorities in the context of the current economic environment. It also takes into account the unprecedented challenges and uncertain global outlook impacting the financial services sector and points out the opportunities that can be leveraged by an effectively regulated jurisdiction.

The main 5 pillars on which the Authority will be focused over the next three years are as follows:

  • Delivering agile and proactive regulation
  • Sustaining a resilient, internationally networked financial sector
  • Promoting good governance and compliance
  • Embracing innovation
  • Engagement with the public

This strategic action plan delivered by the MFSA will allow Malta to adapt to the continuously changing scenario in the financial services industry, ensuring that all stakeholders can rely on and contribute towards its flexibility, resilience and soundness as a jurisdiction.